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Hey, I’m

Sami Roth 

Artist, Educator, Advocate


About Me

Hi there! My name is Sami Roth (she/her) and I am a graduate of Point Park University with a BFA in Acting and Minor in Dance. To quote anyone who meets me "Sami Roth wears MANY hats in a week." So lets narrow this down.

Growing up, my interest in pursuing theatre started while attending Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School where I quickly learned my passions were more than just a "side job." With no one in my direct family to turn to for artistic guidance, I found a love for entrepreneurship and self-learning. 

While attending Point Park, I realized there was much more to Sami Roth than just an acting degree, and I utilized my University's resources to thrive in all areas. I'm talking EVERYTHING. That broadcasting minor that lasted one class, writing my own play, becoming the first acting major at my school to complete a dance minor, writing for a magazine, songwriting, and competing in pageants. Thus-the many hats began.

With only 4 years to get as much accomplished as possible, I realized what makes Sami Roth...well me, was creating. And those "small" ADHD stories were just the beginning. Little did I know my creativity would become an international pageant queen, a current job as one of the youngest staff members at Batavia Music Studios, or catching celebrities' attention at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts for my work with kids of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Post graduation, with it's own awful turn of experiencing/learning to cope with sexual violence, I didn't let my large hat collection stop. I decided adding,"The Miss America Opportunity," my own Non-Profit Take A Stand 501c3, and education to the mix. After experiencing something so traumatic, not only did I realize how much I had accomplished, but I found an even deeper love for childcare; knowing I might be able to just change someone else's fate in healing of my own past. In fact, one of my favorite parts about my non-profit has been presenting presentations to disciplinary and low-income schools. I could sit and tell you all about how my story blew up, hit and more, or I could take this time to tell you I'm a lot more than just a survivor. 

To explain the Miss America Opportunity, I'm currently competing for the job of a lifetime-Miss Pennsylvania. As the reigning Miss Butler County 2024, I have done so much community service that I have received the Gold Presidential Service Award this year alone. The title of Miss PA has been my dream since I was six years old, and I am ready to go all the way.

When I start something, I don't stop until I achieve it. So get ready-you'll see my name again, no matter what hat I decide I want to wear...usually a crown.

Mic drop. Hat drop? You get the point.